Wale Visuals: Social Media, a Big Boost to Photography


Uptown photographer and creative visual artist, Wale Visuals, born Adewale Enikuemehin James has over 600 posts on his Instagram page @wale_visuals consisting of over 500 women, mostly celebrities who had been shot by him at different times. The page smacks of beauty and high fashion all framed by Wales deft touches and acumen as a photographer.

From the scenery of the page, it appears the whole world of the artist revolves around the images on his Instagram page as captured by his lenses and immortalized through the social media tool, with which he reflects his artistic soul to the world.

Wale Visuals who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Wale Visuals Studios situated in the upscale Lekki area of Lagos has explained how important social media is to his craft and how it has boosted his efforts as an artist.

He said, “With social media it’s easier to reach a larger audience about your product, and it has really helped my photography business.”

It’s a proven fact that social media can be a good tool for photographers in various ways. For one, social media makes it possible for people from opposite sides of the world to connect instantaneously, and that can do wonders for artists and viewers.

“Of course, for professional photographers and filmmakers, social media can be one of the most powerful tools if utilized the right way and in accordance with the algorithms that run the platforms. But it can also be a very beneficial avenue for beginners and passionate hobbyists as well,” remarked the artist.

Social media is obviously not exclusive to photographers. In fact, the major platforms that we all use are mostly dominated by celebrities and influencers that don’t necessarily have the skills to create compelling images or footage to post. The important point here is that so many factors come into play with social media that invalidate itself as a good measure of how good a photographer or filmmaker is. That said, it should not be your ultimate parameter as a creative person.

As robust as his skills and as rich as his clientele, Wale Visuals believes he is still on a journey to discovery and expression with his photography skills.

“Everything takes time, everything that happens, happens for a purpose,” he philosophizes.

Wale Visuals began his journey as a professional photographer in 2015. He is a creative visual artist who specializes in lifestyle portrait, fashion , wedding photography and videography.

Some of the people he had captured through the lenses of his camera include brand influencers like Diiadem, Berbiedoll, actresses Ini Edo, Ronke Tiamiyu and many more.

He is also the artistic director and photographer behind some notable celebrity wedding pictures that have gone viral on social media.