UK-Nigeria Tech Hub Opens Business Platform


Emma Okonji
The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub has launched an open-source Business Intelligence Platform aimed at providing transparent and reliable data about the Nigerian tech sector.
Funded by the UK Government’s Africa Technology and Innovation Partnership (ATIP) programme, the platform aims at reducing the informational barriers to entry for companies, investors, and researchers interested in doing business in the country.

Nigeria remains a leader across sub-Saharan Africa for vibrancy and volumes when it comes to the tech landscape and there is an increasing need to provide reliable and legible points of reference.
The new Business Intelligence Platform draws directly on data from Briter Bridges and leverages the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub brand and network to maximise inclusion and access to information about the state of tech in the country.

As part of this commitment, the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub and Briter Bridges, the delivery partners for the platform, would be joining forces and leveraging their dual positioning as local based, globally-focused organisations to bring the ecosystem together via initiatives, research content, and unlocking future funding opportunities.

Speaking on the launch, the British Deputy High Commissioner, Ben Llewellyn-Jones said: “The launch of this open-source Business Intelligence Platform will enhance access to valuable information and data necessary for fostering partnership across the UK and the Nigerian tech ecosystems.
“This is a testament to the role the UK Government can play in supporting the tech ecosystem in Nigeria.”

Speaking on the importance of the Business Intelligence Platform and the UK’s support, Team Lead, West Africa Research and Innovation, Leanne Jones, said: “We are glad that the UK Government’s Africa Technology and Innovation Partnership (ATIP) programme can support the development of this open-source Business Intelligence Platform for the Nigerian technology sector.

“Access to this kind of information by all industry players will go a long way in addressing information gaps, identifying opportunities for collaboration and increasing access to funding.”
The Interim Country Director of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, Lamide Johnson stated: “We are excited to have partnered with Briter Bridges to co-develop and launch the Open-Source Business Intelligence Platform, aimed at the providing tech- stakeholders across the board easy access to information required to promote high-end digital tech opportunities.”

The new platform will allow users: Access to a comprehensive database of startups, tech hubs, and investors operating in Nigeria; Access to a live investment tracker showcasing all deals happening in the country; Crowdsource new entities/players in the Nigerian tech ecosystem, among others.