They say youth, bobo jump into the ring. He say he is youth and begin to wear Igbo cloth. I don’t know what Igbo people have done to this country. Even with their 12million people or so, anybody that wants to be president will first go and wear Igbo cloth and pose for a billboard.

The ones that wear Igbo cloth in 2015 shey we have seen what they have turned us into. Now they have run to London for a medical check-up when the rest of us have only 40,000 doctors to take care of over 200 million people. Well, this is how this bald-headed cowboy starts to wear Igbo cloth, show us picture of him in the gym that looks like somebody boys’ quarters and begins to regal us with statements of his readiness to be our president.

Well, he has the right. He is well-positioned. After all, he is a youth and a sitting governor. So he must jump up to be seen. The thing is very simple. It is like wooing a woman. It is your right to feel anything you want to feel, and it is your right to talk about it. But it remains the woman’s inalienable right to decide who she gives her something to, and except you want to rape or take by force, there is nothing you can do about that.

That is the situation with this Bello thing. If it is true that the man is gunning for the presidency, turning his back on a much more debilitating situation in his Kogi, which I hear is one of the poorest in the land, then let him throw his cap into the ring. Of course, when he does that, we will now show him what my Uncle Ekpe used to say, “aya kop se ukwak abre.” Please, that is Ibibio. You know say, I just come back from Uyo so the thing still dey my body. If you don’t know the meaning, leave am, busybody. Go to work abeg except you are among the 42 per cent of us wey no get work. Then go to the other room. Thank you.