This daddy is confusing to me. At some point, he will be making sense. At the other time, he will be doing things that will make me want to ask that question we used to ask people who go to UNA Primary School grounds in Shomolu at night to be doing some things. So Burna Boy wins a Grammy. Major achievement. He goes home for a welcome carnival, beautiful. The governor just on a whim and in the moment doles out N10 million to all musicians that performed at the reception. Just like that.

This country ehn. We never even start. The arbitrariness that comes with governance is mercurial. The same man just like that during Covid demolished a whole hotel. I don’t know the reason o but just like that. I don’t know how many musicians performed on that day, but even if it was just one, do you just jump up because you can squander the people’s heritage because you can? Which kind country be this na? Meanwhile, if you go into the waterside of his state, you will see squalor.

You will see the kind of poverty that will give you Ebola. It cannot continue like this o my people. At some point, something will give, and we will be saved. May not be in this generation sha. It will surely happen. We cannot continue in this state. It is atrocious. Please pardon me. I no dey vex like this normally, but the sadness of it all is depressing. Kai.