Mr Danladi Umar – What a Shame!

The Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal , Justice Danladi Umar

You know some of these videos that go ‘viral’ can be misleading. As an important commentator, I have to be extra careful in commenting or reacting. In fact, the first comment I saw on the video was ‘wetin dey even do this, Senator Abo, first na slap now na kick.’ I screamed, but what is wrong with this senator.

Then I looked closely and saw that it was not him – apologies, sir, but it was this person. He was wearing a suit. He was held down by security men, both armed and unarmed. Even though I could not hear him from the cowardly commentary of the person shooting the video, I could see his agitation level unbecoming of a person of his stature.

This was really sad. Forget the statement later purportedly released by his aide referring to the people as ‘Biafran Boys.’ I won’t even give that statement respect by commenting. Abi how will you rate a full judge shebi na judge fighting in public like that? Even me, a common Duke, used to comport himself o. Remove the security men, remove state power.

Will this fight have ended the way it did? This person conducted himself from the video I have seen, and which millions of Nigerians have seen in a manner very unbecoming of his education, status in society and professional standing. But then again, my friend Obinna Ihunna used to say, “Edgar, clothe a pig…” I cannot complete it abeg before they come and kick me. If you don’t know the full saying, I cannot help you. As I watch this video, I remain sad and angry at the same time. Nigeria is a country, I swear.