Doyin Okupe

This title is from a movie. I have forgotten what I watched in the movie sef. But I like the title for this thing I want to write. I would really like for Chief Okupe to remain silent like the lamb that he is. We have been regaled with all sorts of statements purportedly from daddy on his presidential ambition, and most targeted at my lord that I will for this write-up call ‘Peter Pan’ – Peter Pan is that fairy tale figure that does not age.

My brother says that our lord is a worthy opponent but has the edge over him because of his national political experience. My brother, I almost choke on the fufu I was eating. Yes o, I was at the famed Monty Suite in Uyo indulging in a big bowl of Fisherman soup and fufu – not afang this time, you see yourselves as my oga Wale Oluwo will say- when I saw this statement.

I ask myself mbok, where is the experience in national politics. Media aide, spokesman? That is the experience o. I think bros should relax and face more pressing issues like his domestic problems with the ‘rebel in France’ cos that is where I really feel we as a nation need him the most. In writing this and that of the Bello upstairs, I have it at the back of my head that during ties like this we will begin to see what I want to call ‘political Abutata’ begin to mill, fly around, make those irritating noise positioning themselves and looking for relevance and platforms to negotiate themselves into small positions o.

This can be distracting for those who don’t know because as we begin to discuss Okupe, Bello and Edgar, the real magic is going on, and before we realise it, 69 has entered. This one is looking for press secretary job. Instead, make he come out and talk. He is equating himself with the Jagaban if I slap…Lol