Mohammed Adoke

If there is any perfect example of person carrying problem to himself is this oga. He published a book about his stewardship taking time out to explain the Malabu wahala and his role. What did he get in return? EFCC’s attention. They used interpole to chase him and started a long traumatic journey through the justice system.

He kept shouting his innocence and all but did they listen? No. the man was dragged through all the mud that could be found. But this week, an Italian court has vindicated not only him but also a myriad of people tainted in the wahala. The whole thing is now beginning to look one kind.

Kai. Anyway, the most important thing now is that justice has prevailed and the innocent has been vindicated. For our system, the need for reform jumps out. Who will bell this cat? Not me o, I get school fees to pay.