Atedo Peterside

Let me, for once, go beyond my dislike of that cap and that gown you always wear. That gown don tire o. I know it is your native attire but try to make we dey see different designs. But don’t mind me, it is not about that brown tunic you always wear and that cap that makes me laugh, but it is about your stance on the refinery. I think this time, these people are just taking it too far.

How for the life of me would you be thinking of repairing a refinery of that nature when you should be divesting and running away from it? But instead, you now want to sell Nigerian Film Corporation wey have all the cobwebs in the world and Eddie Ugbomah’s last film that only six people saw. $1.5b on repairing a refinery is a major slap in the face of over 200m people.

We are all united in collecting this slap whether we are herdsmen, Muslims, Christians, North-South or anything. The same government with the largest public debt in peacetime, with a weak health care delivery system and facing an insurgency from all sides being fuelled by the paucity of funds to ensure a robust push against the extremist to now consider spending this kind of fund in a never-ending white elephant leaves much to be desired. My brother, don’t worry about the debate, na only you and Rotus go do that debate for Arise TV.

I think the best thing we should do is just to hunker down na. have you been on a swing or what in Shomolu we call jangrova? When something goes wrong, and a crash is inevitable, you don’t struggle, or else your injuries would be worse. You hunker down, protect your fragile and sensitive parts and wait for the slam.

This is what we should now be doing as Nigerians. There is no need to debate, no need to struggle again. Let’s just hunker down and wait for the slam dunk. When all of these are over in 2023, we start to rebuild slowly. Na my take be that o. Meanwhile, let’s try Mudi. That tailor is not doing it, sir.