Debola Ajayi: Building Global Company, the Future of Business


Rebecca Ejifoma

Building a global company is a standard many businesses strive to attain. Albeit, not all do because running a global company involves strategic planning, deliberate positioning, and unequalled quality of service delivery.

According to the Deputy General Managing Director of TransAlliance Group, Debola Ajayi, the impeccable growth of TransAlliance and its ability to build a successful group of companies with clients across the world has been largely due to its commitment to consistently deliver superior value to its clients.

The deputy GMD conceded that a business desiring to operate in the global market should be aware that a higher level of competition exists as there are more companies offering similar services.

He emphasised that to stand a chance at success in the international market, it is important to operate with globally recognised best practices.

He said: “These standards must reflect a world-class level of operation, high quality products/services and a compelling mission and vision.” In the words of Ajayi, it is paramount to understand the financial sector when looking to scale to the global market because the sector is constantly threatened with heightened risks and market/regulatory pressures.

Over the years, Ajayi continued, TransAlliance has built its reputation by tailoring its messages to suit a global audience. He noted also how passionate they are about investing in economies of underdeveloped countries through “Our businesses and our investments which has resulted in our accelerated growth”.

Now, TransAlliance Group was founded in 2020 and has over 5,000 clients with about four investments made to date. The group has a wide network and has consummated transactions on a global scale across various industries.

Its subsidiaries include TransAlliance Capital, where specialised support in the Foreign Exchange and Investment Banking sector is offered, and FAZO Travel and Hospitality Services Limited, whose primary focus is delivering in-depth and first-in-class tourism and hospitality services in Nigeria and abroad.