Nigerian American-Based Singer Gushes about Latest EP Mulla Way


Rebecca Ejifoma
A Nigerian American-based artiste, Jimmy Ojo, with stage name JMulla, has gushed about his latest EP, Mulla Way, and his lead single, Gentleman, as inspiring in this time across the world.

In his EP, JMulla featured singers like Dremo, Viktoh, and JayCube, whose cool vibes wrapped the rhythm.
And while JMulla has been promoting his EP, he rides on with new music and contents for music lovers. “Can’t wait to drop; real soon, too,” he told THISDAY in an interview.

Now the soulful singer recalled how he had a tour, which he put together in the states last year. He swerved into a couple of cities before the world got shutdown involuntarily.

Still the artiste continues to push to remain afloat. He says, “I’ve been trying to stay alive! So much going on in the world; I’m grateful for life.”

JMulla didn’t take off just as a singer; his love for music  sprung from playing the trumpet from age five, which for him was merely fun.
He enthused: “It made me see music from a different perspective. I fell in love with hip hop and I’ve been doing music since.”

With time, JMulla got influenced by other magical music legends. I listened to a lot of music growing up. 50 Cent, Fela, Shina Peters, Tupac all the way to Kenny G.

He also gets inspiration from daily activities, especially his past, expressing that “It’s something about instrumentals and the way they can make the stories come out of an artiste”.

Thanks to his dad who put him on to Kenny G when he was a child, JMulla’s sharpened his skills in the music terrain.
Today, he prides himself as musical artiste blending both worlds of upbringing. Being born in the states, growing up in Nigeria and America gave me the best of both worlds. I embrace the good in both cultures and eject the bad. Just a man trying to make a living.

Although his passion, music will be an avenue to make an impact and count his gains. “I need the resources for the impact to really hit. To make my voice loud enough and to change lives. But at the end of it all, mans got to make a living as well.”
For JMulla, his sound, his content, and himself are his real brand that stand him out.