Afrobeats Artiste, DK Regan Touched by The Plight of Motherless Children


Fast-rising Afro Pop artiste, Dike Bright Nnamdi also known as DK Regan has been reflecting on his recent visit to an orphanage home as part of his charity activities which he hopes to sustain.

The Big Chief crooner recently visited an undisclosed private charity which left a big impression on him. Among items donated to children include provision items such as toiletries, beverages and other food items.

According to the singer who has the milk of human kindness flowing in him, he was so touched by what he saw and promised to make such visits a regular occurrence for him.

While reflecting, he said, “One of the major thing I hold dear to me when I visited was the joy I saw in the kids, their hope to never give up on life. It gives me great courage to see a powerful message coming from little children. What learnt from them is that there is hope out there for everyone that believes.

“It was a life transforming and beautiful experience to see and know how some persons are faring in this part of the world. You also get to learn some mind blowing skills from this children, it showed me various potentials that is inherent in them.

On his advice to other artistes, “he revealed that one message I will pass across to every artist is to have the mindset that every child is yours. So if they have the ability and opportunity to assist and give any child a good life, they shouldn’t hesitate to make that happen. We all can make life better for this children by investing in their future because the best form of investment is in human capacity.

Starting as a choirister back in Edo State while he was younger, DK Regan always had his eyes on music. He disclosed. “Back then in those days, I use to have a friend whom together we travel to a few local areas in Edo State to do some performance. I have been singing from a very young age and I believe that the time has come for me to bring my artistry to fruition. I believe the time is now to make a mark and a stand.”