Quincy Ayodele on Cloud Nine with Dream Fulfilled


About 10 years ago, Quincy Olasunmbo Ayodele, the famed herbal slimmer, boasted that her children would one day revolutionise the alternative medicine sector as well as the ‘Quincy’ brand. At that time, many had dismissed her claim as mere grandstanding, adding that most local brands’ lifetime is dependent on the survival of the founder.

But Quincy is right. After all, that dream has become a reality right in her lifetime, and she has disappointed the naysayers.
=Her America-trained first daughter, Dr. Tobi Ayodele-Keeny, has turned the popular Quincy Herbals Limited into a comprehensive health and naturopathic wellness centre, Society Watch gathered.

The modern detailed integrative medical centre with world-class facilities boasts a complete medical clinic, diagnostic lab services, healing medspa, aesthetics and skin care services.

Speaking on the development, Tobi, who expressed gratitude for her mother’s support, said the new facility, now open for business along Macgregor Street in Ikoyi, is already championing the marriage of traditional and western medicine to provide people with the most accurate and effective solution to a variety of health and wellness issues, using scientifically proven naturopathic methods

Quincy, the founder, is a World Health Organization-certified expert on the development of natural medicine in Africa. She comes from a long line of traditional medicine practitioners but became the pioneer of herbal medicine practised in a modern way by improving her paternal grandparents’ recipes and researching the best medicinal plants that could aid in weight loss and skincare improvement without adverse effects.