This is how I saw his picture in the papers. He is now the Managing Director of Nigeria’s biggest full indigenous Digital Bank, Hope PSP. I hadn’t seen or heard from Tunde in years. The last time was when I was a small investment analyst at Habib Bank subsidiary – HNB Trustees, and he used to come for deposit. I can’t remember the bank he was working for. But he was kind and gentle with me. He was truly an egbon, and he gave me advice that saved my life. He had called and said, ‘Edgar, you know you work in a conservative environment- Habib, slow down with the lifestyle.

Then I had a 090 mobile phone and was flaunting it all over the place. That advice situated me and made me calm down. So when I saw his picture, I started looking for him. I asked one other Kuponiyi on my contact list, ‘I say, bro do you know one Tunde Kuponiyi? And he say, ‘ohh na my uncle he don die”. I say you dey craze na MD of Hope PSP Bank, he cannot die. I just see am for paper. I finally got his number and went to see him after over 20 years. The conversation immediately went straight into business. Hope PSP is doing things in that space – payments. With just your phone number, you can do so much safely. I wish him very well in this new endeavour. Well done, bro. Meanwhile, say hi to your Oga Agada, a nice man.