Ruffin Shares Life Lessons from a Young Age


Ugo Aliogo writes about Ruffin success in the real estate business

Donovan Ruffin learned about hard work from his single mother. Watching how difficult it was for her to take care of him would leave a profound impact in his later life. His hunger for a better quality of living came from the day-to-day struggles he watched his mother endure. “I grew up in a small town in Ohio, with my single mother. Even though we’re under-privileged I was blessed with a loving family and a good example to go out and work hard,”

Ruffin’s success gave him the platform he needed to launch into his next career; real estate. “I run a Real Estate Investment Company. Equity Cash Offer, LLC. After a few years of investing, I shut my marketing company down and went full-time real estate and scaling my acquisition department all around Texas. Now we do around $6-7 million a year buying and selling houses around Texas virtually from our office in Addison. We have been able to grow a strong team at Equity Cash Offer, LLC.”

The growth of Ruffin’s first and second company can be attributed to his ability to overcome the two greatest obstacles that business owners face.

“Some of the biggest challenges in business is; money and people. Learning how to raise private capital makes a significant difference in the ability to scale, but is one of the most difficult. Along with growing a strong team of people around you. Developing people is never an easy task, but extremely necessary with growth,” Ruffin noted.

In order to manage the stress that comes with these obstacles, Ruffin works to eliminate fear from his life. “Fear no man, only God.” Because of this, his opportunities only continue to expand. “I am working on a 17-condo development in East Dallas. A few years ago, I was approached by Lifetime Television to star in marrying millions Season 2. Where me and my girlfriend air.”