CEO Equity Concepts Entertainments Rowland Okorie Outlines Agenda 2021


The world became a standstill after the global outbreak of Covid 19. To some it was a moment of rebranding and re-strategizing the next line of business to follow. But to some it was a total collapse. For Rowland Okorie, the chief executive officer of Equity Concepts Entertainment, it’s a moment to reflect and re-strategized on how to impact humanity.

Prior to that, the industrious businessman cum philanthropist has outlined his activities for the year which includes the official launching of Bling TV, Know Your Movies Tv Game Show and the most anticipated award, Icons of Humanity Awards.

According to Rowland, this is a time where we all need ourselves irrespective of your social status or position in the society saying “My heart goes out to anyone that loses their loved ones. The world is moving on with the distribution of the vaccine, thanks to great scientists for their long and tiresome efforts.”

“This year as we get ready to kick off with all our activities as usual, everything is on the table including Icons of Humanity Awards and official launching of Bling TV.” he said

“Equity Concepts Entertainments has partnered with different professional organizations, have performed in major shows in Nigeria and USA. Have worked with local and international organizations within the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Icons of Humanity Awards a major charity event that recognizes selfless services to humanity. With Covid we were able to witness hidden philanthropists in different works of life. This award is meant for great intellectual minds. So get ready as recipients will be selected all over the world including performing artists and veteran donors.”

Buttressing his point, he said, “I have had an amazing journey so far, and visited many parts of the world. I would say by far the USA has been the best to be honest. I have had opportunities I would never have had anywhere in the world and it has all impacted my life in ways I could have never imagined.”

“To be honest with you I found a great profession, apart from being a filmmaker, as a Global CAT Adjuster. I can work anywhere in the world writing claims with a simple license, something I never have dreamt of. I have worked a lot of jobs in the US, as a rookie everything goes but as time goes by you will find yourself a sustainable future which no one can take from you.” he advised.