How Blyuss is Changing the Sales Training Industry


Ugo Aliogo examines how Dylan Blyuss is positively impacting the sales training industry

With four years of business under his belt, Dylan Blyuss has partnered with another sales trainer to scale World Class Sales Agency to over 100 full time sales executives responsible for $30 million in sales. After scaling this business in such a short period of time, Blyuss realized that he had a passion for building strong sales teams. He also realized that there was a gap in the market that no one else seemed to be filling. “While building my door-to-door sales business, I realized that online education was starting to boom,” he recalled. “I also realized that these online educators had nobody to sell their programs or products. That’s where I stepped in and offered to build remote sales teams for online coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs.”

Blyuss started his first business when he was only 16, quickly moving from window cleaning to door-to-door sales. As his company grew, he onboarded friends to help with the cleaning services and sales reps to duplicate his sales efforts. Although this rapid rate of growth has challenged Blyuss in many ways, it has also opened up a world of opportunity to help others achieve success in the sales industry. Blyuss is motivated by the impact he can have on other companies and ambitious salespeople. He explained, “You eliminate fear and anxiety by becoming skilled in your product, company, and industry. When you know what you offer, you move with confidence instead of skepticism.”


In such a relationship-oriented industry, Blyuss stated that his greatest challenge has been managing a wide variety of people with a wide variety of personalities. “When you first start a business, you learn how to master your own inner game,” he remarked. “However, the moment you want to scale, it requires the help of other individuals. That’s where you have to learn to understand other people’s mindset and personalities and learn how to lead individuals in a certain way.”

Looking to the future, Blyuss’s next goal is to scale World Class Sales Agency to $100 million in sales, helping to build over 100 remote sales teams for businesses, coaches, entrepreneurs, and consultants. Nevertheless, Blyuss doesn’t define success in monetary terms. He hinted, “People over profits. There’s a certain level of happiness when you do it yourself, but there’s a whole other level of happiness when you help others make it happen as well.”