After Pepper Row, Wavy the Creator Takes the Stage


By Vanessa Obioha

Multi-talented artist and fashion designer Wavy the Creator is currently performing at the ongoing Arise Fashion Week show. The artist is renowned for her eccentricity and multiplicity of her talents.

Her performance was preceded by the breathtaking designs of Omafume Niemogha, the brain behind the luxury brand Pepper Row. The young designer pushed the boundaries of creativity in her collection that it is hard to ignore the geometric construction of art in her pieces. From head to toe, there was an element of surprise. Her female models donned only one earring, skirts are layered with accessories underneath. Not a few judges showed approval as the models strutted the runway.

More models are expected to showcase their designs as they compete for the coveted $100,000 cash prize for the overall winner. Arise Fashion Week is streaming live on and showing on Arise News channel on DStv.