‘Stepping into Maggie’s Shoes’ Premieres


By Lazarus Ibeabuchi

Based on Opeyemi Akintunde’s book of the same title, Stepping into Maggie’s Shoes (SIMS) is a faith-based film about love, betrayal and scandal. The movie premiered last Wednesday at VIVA Cinema, Jara Mall, Ikeja and now available in cinemas nationwide.

SIMS tells the story of a young wealthy Pastor who is desired by most of the single and married ladies in his congregation. The sudden loss of his previously unlettered, dumpy wife to suicide opens the doors for a new wife, many other sins, new challenges and a ministry in disarray.

The movie features top Nollywood acts and veterans like Femi Jacobs, Liz Benson Ameye, Eucharia Anunoni, Juliana Olayode, Kolade Segun Okeowo, Emma Oh My God, Uche Macaulay, Opeyemi Akintunde and Kayode Babalola. Produced and written by Opeyemi Akintunde, the movie is metaphoric of reality in present-day Nigeria. With about 16 novels authored already, Opeyemi hopes to adapt more into screenplay.

Speaking about his role in the movie, Femi Jacobs, who played a lead role said the movie offers everyone an opportunity for self-appraisal: “The critical lesson in this movie is that there is nothing we do in this life that doesn’t have consequences and we should be careful about what we do.

“The second lesson is you don’t really know how much pain you are causing somebody else until you listen to them. Because so many things are going on well, your life is smooth and nobody is challenging you but you don’t know what that is doing to people under you. When people have no sense of empathy, it affects others negatively.

“This movie addresses the rot in Christianity. We have this prevalent practice of ‘don’t criticize man of God lest they curse you.’ And flock gets afraid to incur a curse from the man of God; whereas a man of God should bless and not curse.

That happens a lot in our society. This movie opens everyone’s mind to stand up for what’s right.”