“Fake News” has been the battle cry of the Trump Presidency, especially in regard to the media that most consider reliable, hones and unbiased. The latest fake news seems to concentrate on the election result which was not what Trump wanted even though nearly all the polls predicted this although overestimating the lead.

Most of the time it is easy to determine what is fake or real news although the latest incident “Landscapinggate” is beyond understanding. The online rumors, gossip, and perhaps straight out lies or maybe even the truth suggest the announcement for a Four Seasons media conference by Rudy Giuliani was moved as the hotel didn’t want it, so it was reannounced as Four Seasons Landscaping, specifically the car park.

There is much symbolism in that apparently there is a crematorium on one side reflecting that the plans for a second Trump presidency are now just a pile of ashes. On the other side is a “Sex” shop, reminding people of the rumors, unproven, of some misdemeanors in the private life of Trump. The venue itself is an industry that can supply as much manure as any politician could throw around. The business may need to get more manure in given that it is suddenly world famous.

The only true news that can be relied on is that President Elect Biden will provide a more stable presidency. Well done, Sir.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia