US-based Nigerian Doctor Partners Medical Apparel Firm to Inspire Black Physicians


By Rebecca Ejifoma

A US-based Nigerian doctor Ikenna Ihim has partnered a leading medical apparel company Jaanuu Scrubs as a role model to black kids who aspire to become physicians and leaders in the society.

Revealing his ambassadorship, Ihim and Jaanuu said as the fight against social injustice proceeds, “Every stride matters, which is why the medical community has embraced both entities.”

Ihim, who relates to other young black males physicians who currently experience the stereotype of “you do not look like a doctor,” said that there was only a minor representation of blacks in the field of medicine in the US, especially with the barely improving poor percentage of enrolled blacks in medical schools.

He added: “It is not alarming to me or most other young black physicians, when our roles in the hospital are assumed by people to be anything but a doctor.

“Which is why I have challenged myself to operate in the mindset of a role model to the black kids who aspire to become future physicians and leaders in the society,” he said.