‘A Soldier’s Story II’ Set for Cinema


Ferdinand Ekechukwu

The sequel to award winning action-packed Nollywood film, A Soldier’s Story, is set to premiere in December, 2020. Ahead of the release of the sequel to the 2015 award-winning film, the producer has released it teaser which opening scene depicting a bombed scene somewhere “in Lekki Lagos”. Directed by Frankie Ogar and produced by Martin Gbados, the sequel titled, “A Soldier’s Story: Return from the Dead” boasts of a star-studded cast from Nollywood and Hollywood.

According to Gbados, “Soldier’s Story is a trilogy like Bourne Identity, each one with a life of its own but with the same cast and sequence. The next one is A Soldier’s Story – Return from the Dead and then A Soldier’s Story – Never Say Goodbye. We have just finished shooting A Soldier’s Story – Return from the Dead. This will surpass anything ever done in Nollywood, as it is quite a huge project that involved both Hollywood and Nollywood actors.

“The Film has Eric Roberts, popular Hollywood actor playing a major role in it. We also have Somekele Idalamah, Daniel K Daniel, and even veteran Nollywood actors like Segun Arinze and Alex Usifo, just to mention a few. This is the biggest film project ever to come out of Nollywood. A Soldier’s Story is a story of bravery, blood and betrayal, a story of love and sacrifice.

“When Frankie Ogar, my business partner, director and writer of A Soldier’s Story decided to do this movie, we felt we had to do it well, to make sure that the sacrifices that have been made and still being made by Nigerian soldiers are captured in the movie. These are men who risk their lives every day to make sure we live our own lives safely. Nigerian soldiers have been known for their peace keeping missions across Africa and beyond and we felt it was time to appreciate them through this movie.

“It is to show the world their sacrifice, which a lot of people take for granted. Pertinent to mention here that in America, their soldiers are celebrated because they believe there is no greater honour than a man laying his life down for his people. Our military men and women deserve more from us and we need to care for their loved ones.”

A Soldier’s Story: Return from the Dead is set in two African countries: Nigeria and the fictional Watz Republic, as it explores the thematic concerns of love in uncertain circumstances, war, terrorism, insurgency, women’s rights, and emigration.

In Watz Republic, Regina (Linda Ejiofor) confides in her friend, Zaya (Somkele Idhalama) to look after her younger brother while she goes after the desires of her heart. As Regina leaves for Nigeria, Zaya and the citizens of Watz Republic pick up the remains of war and begin the process of healing when crude oil is suddenly discovered in the country… In Nigeria, Regina and Major Egan find themselves living under the radar after they escape an assassination plot to take out Major Egan.