CHI Restates Benefits of Hollandia Yoghurt


Consumers are increasingly seeking for products that will meet their health and wellness needs, especially during this pandemic, CHI Limited has said.

The company, in a statement, noted that beyond being a refreshing dairy beverage, Hollandia Yoghurt has, since inception in 2005 been at the forefront of providing wholesome nutrition and nourishing goodness, and driving consumer awareness of the health benefits of yoghurt.

It stated that Hollandia Yoghurt is loved by consumers who want a healthy and great tasting dairy beverage that provides an exciting way to get required nutrients into their daily diets. “Hollandia Yoghurt contains protein and essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, B6, B12 & Calcium. These nutrients help boost our immunity, prevent certain illnesses, and enable us live healthier lives. Besides providing wholesome nourishment, other benefits of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients contained in Hollandia Yoghurt are providing increased energy, reducing fatigue, preventing reduced levels of alertness, as well as improving overall cognitive and mental performance.

“Millions of Nigerian consumers enjoy Hollandia Yoghurt daily because it contains wholesome nutrients to actively nourish their bodies, provides revitalizing energy for the day’s activities, serves as a meal-replacement, and keeps them positively recharged to be at their best. Hollandia Yoghurt can be consumed on-the-go, at work, at school, at play, or at any other time or place,” it added.

CHI Limited Marketing Director, Toyin Nnodi, stated, “Since inception 40 years ago, CHI Limited has put the nourishment and wellness of Nigerian consumers first in all that we do. We re-defined the beverage industry and yoghurt category by launching the first ever ready-to-drink, ambient drinking yoghurt product in aseptic packaging.

“Over the years, we have driven innovation in this category we created through the launch of exciting flavours, variants, packaging formats, and pack sizes that have further re-enforced our category leadership. Given the many nutrients our Hollandia Yoghurt contains, it is the perfect beverage for Nigerians to consume daily to ensure they build their immunity, stay nourished, and improve their body defenses, especially during this on-going pandemic.”

Hollandia Yoghurt is made from high quality ingredients and is available in two variants, Plain Sweetened and Strawberry. Both variants come in 1Litre, 500ml, 315ml, 180ml and 100ml pack sizes.