It’s a Privilege to be Part of the Fight against COVID-19 in Lagos, Says Onwuanibe

  •  Eti-Osa Isolation Centre is decommissioned

Kingsley Aliamaka

After the successful complimentary treatment of over 300 COVID-19 patients at the Eti-Osa Isolation Centre, Lagos State, the CEO of Landmark Africa, Paul Onwuanibe, has lauded the privilege given to the company to support the fight against the virus in the state.

Following the expiration of the three-month agreement between the Young Presidents’ Organisation (YPO) and the state, the N1.2 billion facility has therefore been decommissioned.

In a statement issued by the organisation recently, Onwuanibe said: “It is quite an emotional period for us, seeing all the success stories that had come out of the isolation centre within the Landmark Village.

“The isolation centre recorded truly remarkable stories of success, like the 98-year-old grandmother who was successfully treated and discharged. We consider it a privilege to have been part of the valiant efforts to curtail the spread of the virus in Lagos State.”

The Eti-Osa Isolation Centre was completed within 19 days in April 2020 to improve the capacity of the state to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The 80-bed Isolation Centre was fully equipped with six ventilators, monitors, respirators, mobile X-rays, ultrasound and oxygen piping as well as other auxiliary medical and non-medical facilities.

The centre also had 97 clinical and 45 operational staff, who all had undergone regular training once the centre commenced operations to treat moderately severely ill COVID-19 patients.

The statement added that all the equipment and furniture in the isolation centre would now be donated to the Lagos State Government to improve healthcare service delivery as the centre is decommissioned.

Speaking about the decommissioning process at a virtual press conference organised by Landmark, a member of the Steering Committee of the YPO and Founder of the Bridge Clinic, Dr. Richard Ajayi, said: “We have engaged a world-class decontamination firm, Boeker Public Health Services, which shall be fully responsible for disinfecting the structure using WHO approved protocols.

“This forward-thinking measure is an example of how thoroughly Landmark planned for the isolation centre to co-exist independently with general commercial activities within the Landmark Village.

“From putting up the entire structure speedily to a world-class standard to putting in place specific safety measures which ensured that we have zero cases of cross contamination to the decommissioning phase, Landmark’s processes ensured that the siting of the isolation centre had indeed contributed significantly to the fight against COVID in Lagos State.”

Also, the Head of Projects at Landmark Africa, Enyinna Okorafor, in the statement said: “We appreciate the YPO and Lagos State Government for a fruitful and productive collaboration to save the lives of Lagosians. We at Landmark will continue to support the community at large by promoting COVID-19 health and safety measures in accordance with the state directives.”

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