DigiConverge, An E-broadcast Platform to Launch August 18


Rebecca Ejifoma

DigiConverge, a one-stop digital convergence platform that provides fit-for-purpose services in e-broadcasting, global content syndication, media intelligence and virtual business support, will be launched in Lagos on Tuesday August 18.

In a statement one of the promoters of the digital platform, Mr. Celestine Achi issued, DigiConverge is an end-to-end content technology and OTT solution provider that facilitates content ownership, content distribution and content monetisation through a premium network of distribution channels on any device.

“From start-ups to large corporations, our solutions are innovative and customer-centric. We provide platforms that are user and pocket friendly for diverse clientele,” Achi had said.

According to Achi, a well-known techpreneur and digital strategist, DigiConverge is a disruptive platform that collaborates with leading partnerships around the globe with enhanced technology capabilities, aggregation channels, multi-content creators and distributors.

He listed the platforms to be launched under DigiConverge to include: DigiBlastream – best for virtual studio, web conferencing, virtual learning and live streaming; DigiIntelligence – insightful data powered by artificial and human intelligence; DigiNews – newswire service to businesses with stories in over 200 plus media outlets with over 60 million global audience.

Other key products to be launched include DigiAssistant- a certified virtual assistant to help chief executives off load time- consuming tasks; DigiGbedu- a music streaming platform on over 150 global platforms that ensures owners of creative work earn good return on their works.

Top on the pack of the product according to Achi is FlikonTV, an e-broadcast platform designed to enable subscribers launch their own TV channel, talk show, video news on international platforms such as AppleTV, RokuTV, AmazonTV, VivaLiveTV among other channels.

Achi noted: “This comes with lots of monetary benefits to subscribers”, Achi said.

To ensure seamless operation across the globe, DigiConverge has signed a technical partnership agreement with Viva Entertainment Group, Inc, a developer of OTT systems through which television services are streamed using the internet and platform suites.

The techpreneur, however, rated DigiConverge as the first indigenous virtual platform that offers a wide range of services that ensures business sustainability through cutting edge technology.