Bible Bashing?


President Donald Trump has claimed that Presidential candidate Joe Biden will ‘Hurt the Bible.’ How, Why?

The Bible is either a publication of which over five billion copies have been printed (Guinness Book of Records) so it can’t physically be removed or it is a set of stories and beliefs that have lasted over 2,000 years so it is unlikely that one person, even a president, could remove that from society. There are also a number of other sets of written beliefs in the Quran, the Torah or the Book of Mormon with literally hundreds of millions of copies printed and one of these four sets of beliefs could be found in almost every home although President Trump hasn’t mentioned them, possibly because he is not familiar with them.

The only real way to hurt a Bible is physically, a Bible Burning and no President or Candidate would do that, we hope. Any attempt to stop the observation of a religion, and sadly there have been many attempts, are doomed to failure as history has shown.

Soon someone will be inaugurated, by swearing on a Bible most likely and taking the oath of office. Hopefully, they will know which way to hold the Bible. There is much to pray for now especially a cure for the COVID-19 Virus. So let us concentrate on that rather than weird claims about opponents.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia