Magu’s Humpty-Dumpty World

Ibrahim Magu

The head look alike o. If you are used to the illustration of the nursery rhyme and the head of our just ‘kicked out’ oga, you will see a mad resemblance. This our own local Humpty-Dumpty truly fell with a great thud and like in the rhyme, the king’s men did not even attempt to put the big head together again, but rather they are the ones even smashing it into more pieces. The whole thing is even scary and smirks of high wire politicking. That this has nothing to do with 2023 is a fable, only the unschooled in Nigeria’s political chess game would believe.

Anyways from the stories we are hearing it looks like oga was truly busy doing things that really had nothing to do with the work we sent him. Now everybody is saying that the Saraki-led National Assembly has been vindicated. Well, for me just as the Presidency has been quoted as saying that nobody is above scrutiny, let me also say that everybody including Humpty Magu must have their rights protected no matter what.

So he is facing an investigative panel, his rights as prescribed in our constitution must also be protected. All these stories of being detained that we are hearing should not be the case abeg. Let the investigation finish on time and let’s arraign him in a real court where he would be given a firm platform to defend himself. All this jankariwo dance, no need. He himself, why didn’t he run? Me I for run o. The moment Malami develop courage to release that statement, I for don run to Fernando Po.