Okakuro Backs Local Coaches for Nigeria National Teams


In the world of sports, performance is phenomenal and an ideal that must be handled as the topmost priority in order to tower above competition.

In concert with her vision to further educate sports stakeholders of the importance of complete performance of the athletes, Okakuro Group International Nigeria, through her representative in Nigeria, Ms. Idemabasi Mkpokporo, stressed the need for organisations and governmental bodies responsible for sports development and policy formulation to look beyond what the athletes would bring to the table and focus more on the interest and overall well-being of the individual involved. That way, such is not only assured of his or her future, but put the organisation and the country in high repute, encouraging gifted talents to be more involved in sports not for what they would gain, but for the fulfilment of their life dreams and purposes, which is a better motivation.

According to her, Okakuro Group, had completed arrangement to launch out series of programmes to educate and train interested private individuals, organisations – private and public, in the sector, that is visionary enough to wish to perform beyond the arenas of their calls.

Bearing in mind that sports is not all about competition or winning, but deeper if the necessary attitude, attention and other resources required are genuinely devoted to it.

She further revealed that, the sportswear manufacturing outfit, driven by excellence, quality and endurable performance, was inclined to partner, support and help develop the sports sector in Nigeria, such that she could stand up to her peers in other climes, and do even better because Nigeria has all that was needed to be champion in any sphere of sports.

In another development, she stated that, her organisation was looking forward in the very nearest future to see Nigerian authorities trusting confidently in her own coaches to handle the national teams – male and female, respecting and treating them as those coming from outside were treated. In this direction, Okakuro Group, is working assiduously to create a veritable platform that would make it possibly easier and faster, to train coaches in all areas at home and abroad, in most of the very high class and reputable sports education bodies overseas.

“One of our primary objective is to see that the athletes have self-knowledge, are well treated in terms of educating and training them on the things they need to know from as simple as diet, physical therapy, psychological, mental health, and emotional training and self-evaluation and with the right attitude and consistent effort, anchored on persistent they can be who they want to be to the joy of us all,” Mkpokporo said.

She added that: “In all of this, our young people are our very core target. These are the ones we will strive to ensure that they have the right education, experience; exposure and knowledge that will enable them do their best and above all live healthier and well in and out of the arenas of sports. We will tackle this through leadership and sports education and training, exposing them to the deadly dangers of any form.”

In his reaction, Dr. Peter Ogudoro, a British based career management expert, who participated in the discourse, said, a time had come for people and organisation to look in direction of holistic career development for the sustenance of the organisation ideals and vision. The parties involved should be able to understand the fact that no one strived as an island. Life is all about genuine corporation and understanding. Thus, those who perform excellently well are the ones who are taught the little things that others ignore and do not care who takes the credit where and when that accrue.