US-based Nigerian Gospel Artist, Kevin Releases ‘Spiritual’ Hit Single ‘Na Only You (Keke Dike)’

Sunday Okobi

Nigerian gospel singing sensation, based in Houston, United States, Chike Kevin, has described his latest single, ‘Na Only You (Keke Dike)’, as spiritual and heavenly, strongly packed to ease all worldly worries.

In a statement his Publicist, Mrs. Linda Dominguez, made available to THISDAY, he said he is spiritually armed ready to shoot for the heart, adding that he has much to offer in his latest music single Na Only You (Keke Dike).

Kelvin, whose real name is Chike Kevin Osunkwo, stated that ‘Keke Dike’ is an absolute gospel musical work of art, adding that: “The harmony on this project is unbelievably heavenly. Each chord has a spiritual punch to it that only an artist like me can deliver. When you mix talent with great lyrics and anointed music, you have the ingredients for the making of a great song.

“Na Only You (Keke Dike) is a must on your playlist as it’s emotionally uplifting and spiritually exhilarating.”

Kevin said ‘Keke Dike’ has set the stage for all listeners to receive spiritual blessings as they rain down from heaven above, saying “Your mind will be released from this troubled world as your thoughts are redirected to things on godly high.”

The statement described his voice as charming; his music as refreshing as the music video also compliments the song. “This is a gospel music at its best. This is a young man that is well on his way to becoming a gospel music star.

“The music on this project is remarkably impressive. I found myself wanting to sing along to the tunes over and over again especially the Keke Dike track,” he said.

According to Chike Kevin in the statement, “Christ is my goal, and music is one of my tools. Music is meant to heal. My aim is to continue to share joy, peace and love, and be the Light of Christ in a depraved world…”

While describing his background in an interview recently, Kevin said he’s a Christian, a lover of God, people and culture. He is from Imo State, but was born and bred in Warri, but moved to the United State in 2005.

“My background was in design and engineering. I was in the Church choir, and I have always had a passion for music and arts,” he said.

On how his song reflects on current social issues, Kevin said there’s a lot going on in the world today. “I hope my song cuts deep and it’s felt by people to remember what is really important, which is God and us! That’s all we have got; everything else at the end of the day will not matter, whether politics, status among others. Every song I write is personal and the state of my heart.

“The Inspiration behind your new song is to give gratitude to God for all He’s done for me and through my journey of life-in good and bad times. I just remember to praise Him in spite of it all. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and miracles experienced when they listened to my music, and this gives me joy and fulfillment,” the American-based Nigerian gospel singer stated.

He described the responses received on the song as numerous and memorable, adding that “a friend had told me about a heated and perplexing meeting he had at work, but when he turned my song on in his car on his way home, instantly his spirit was lifted and the burden disappeared. This is really touching.”

The music video for the song is out in the conventional and online market.

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