Daboh-Fiase I’m Ready to Prove Efficacy of My COVID-19 Herbal Remedy


A former Member of the House of Representatives, Aondona Daboh-Fiase, has given insight into her newly developed COVID-19 herbal cure. Daboh-Fiase who represented Vandeikya/Konshisha Federal Constutuency of Benue State, talks to Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja, about her COVID-19 herbal treatment and says she is ready to meet NAFDAC for clinical trial. Daboh-Fiase says herbs are not only curative, but also serves as preventive therapy. Excerpts…

How did you come about your herbal cure for COVID-19?

My herbal therapy business has been a simple home remedy for family and friends.

That is why I haven’t been serious about going commercial. I have been into herbal therapy for over a decade. In fact, I started herbal therapy while I was still a member of the National Assembly. When I fell in the bathroom in 2006 and I was taken to England for over six months, I accidentally bumped into a Greek woman that took me into herbal medicine. And all the pains I had for months, disappeared in just two weeks with herbal medicine. Since then, I have been into herbal medicine. And of course, when COVID-19 came up, I just smiled because for us herbal therapists, the truth is that the ailments that are so difficult for orthodox medicine are somewhat easier for us; for instance, kidney, liver and even cancer issues. To an herbal therapist, it is a very easy stuff. So, I thought about it and somehow, COVID-19 is one of the easiest things to cure, even though it is very scary to the orthodox medicine practitioners.

Are you ready to submit to NAFDAC for test?

My herbs for COVID-19 is not only a cure, it is also preventive. And apart from prevention, it resets the whole body, the whole system; it takes your body back to a minimum of 10 to 15 years. That is, your wellbeing, the internal wellbeing.

My cure for COVID-19 is an awesome one because one of the main ingredients is the Neem leaf which is called Dongoyaro locally. The Neem leaf has more healing properties than even what Madagascar is using it for. My own herbal remedy has a combination of herbs. So, it is not only going to prevent or take care of COVID-19, it is also going to deliver a whole lot of other goodness into the body. I have just decided to come out because I have just perfected it. I have just tried it on a few people that came forward when they heard that I have the cure.

I am now certain of its effectiveness. The next step now is my submission to NAFDAC for trials, the Ministry of Health, all relevant authorities and of course, I also ask anybody that has people with COVID-19 to get in touch with me and I will for sure, for now for free, take care of them. At my level in the society, having been a National Assembly member, it is expected that I will follow due process. I have just begun like I said.

I am now calling on the federal government to give me those 150 or so healthcare workers that had tested positive to COVID-19 and other people. I am calling on the governors of Lagos, Kano, Adamawa, and other states that are epicentres. Let them each bring 30 COVID-19 patients. Do you know why I am asking to treat the health workers? It is because if I treat a 150 health workers free, it will translate to treating millions of people or hundreds of thousands or whatever number of thousands that we have because one healthcare worker will take care of others.

Herbs have been in existence before man. When God created the Garden of Eden, He put herbs there. And in our Bible, God is clear about herbs. He says I have given you herbs for food and medicine. Talking about testing to know if it is injurious, certain things are already in existence and have proven to be safe.

The cure could be tested, but shouldn’t take a long time because people are contracting COVID-19 everyday. Look at the numbers in Nigeria, they are rising every day. My herbal tea for COVID-19 is also an immune booster and for general wellbeing. It is three in one. So, apart from preventing or curing COVID-19, it will also take care of arthritis pain, it will reset the body and it will boost the immunity of the body. I wouldn’t say much about other cures because I don’t know what is in them apart from the Madagascar cure which I know is just the artemisia leaf.

What is your take on the recent COVID-19 death recorded in Madagascar despite their herbal cure?

That is expected. There is no medication that is a 100 percent proof. I mean, even with orthodox medicine, don’t people die? People die. There are certain people that when you say something is effective, or something cures something, it doesn’t mean you will not have a few exceptions here and there that might not respond to the treatment or might not respond very well. The body is very funny.

Even twins that came out the same day, they had different anatomies. The fact that someone has died in Madagascar doesn’t mean that their herbal therapy is not effective. I am a very confident person, so I don’t put other people or other things down. I will not condemn their products simply because somebody died. But I am assuring of my product that I am a minimum of 90 per cent sure of the efficacy of my herbal tea for prevention and cure of COVID-19.