It certainly sounds as over-exaggeration of facts but all indices clearly affirm that there is absolutely no security of lives and property in Orisumbare, a suburb of Idimu in Alimosho Council Area of Lagos State. The community is now a safe haven for peddlers and consumers of hard drugs. The same area especially the popular Hi-tech Field and adjoining streets equally serve as battleground for various warring gangs. In fact, no day passes by without even passers-by sustaining various degrees of injuries.

It must be strongly emphasised that some concerned stakeholders in the area, on several occasions, drew the attention of the appropriate law enforcement agents to the highly disturbing trend. These noble efforts have led to several raids and arrests of even innocent residents. It however stands that before anyone could heave any sigh of relief, the ugly situation returns to business as usual.

The street rascals, mostly young people of primary and secondary school ages, equally see the persistent blackout in the area as perfect opportunity to sustain their illicit trade. Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) for almost two weeks now, unreasonably, terminated electricity supply to most parts of Orisumbare. The same firm, even in face of the hard-biting lockdown of Lagos, distributed the usual estimated crazy bills, thereby forcing electricity consumers therein to pay for services never rendered.

It further stands that Orisumbare is seriously groaning under the heavy burden of street rascals and IKEDC at a time her elected officials led by Senator Solomon Adeola and Hon. Olufemi Adebanjo are merely concerned about pulling national and local spotlight. Sadly, nothing credibly suggests that these politicians saw the lockdown as perfect moment to connect with even vulnerable people in the area.

The questions on the lips of most residents of Orisumbare remain unchanged and unanswered. What is the political relevance of Adeola, Adebanjo and other elected officials in Alimosho Council Area when it is very clear that their primary constituencies especially Orisumbare remains easiest prey for street rascals and economic marauders? Who will wake up them up from the deep and highly disgraceful slumber? Who will remind them that human life is now worth nothing while socio-economic activities have been brought to a complete halt in Orisumbare?

Sunday Odiaka, Orisumbare, Idimu, Lagos