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COVID–19: Stallion Group to Deliver Rice, Fish to 77 State Hospitals Nationwide for 3 Months

COVID–19: Stallion Group to Deliver Rice, Fish to 77 State Hospitals Nationwide for 3 Months

Bennett Oghifo

Stallion Group has instituted a programme designed to supply rice and fish to 77 state hospitals taking care of COVID-19 patients in Nigeria for three months.

These hospitals have pre-registered with the Group to take part in the programme, according to their statement on Tuesday.

Stallion describes itself as “a people’s company, completely dedicated to its customers, partners and communities around the facilities in West Africa.”

The company, according to the statement has worked in the Sub Saharan region for the past 50 years by developing businesses around services, agro-commodities, automobiles, steel, mines, plastics and packaging. It has invested notably towards building large-scale local industries in Africa, deploying most recent technologies, generating employment and strongly endorsing the concept of domestic production.”

The statement said, “We have set out to deliver free rice and fish to the COVID–19 Hospitals in Lagos State with the Stallion Group Team. The selfless people working in the frontline have risked their lives to ensure that aid reaches where it is required the most.”

The Group said, apart from pledging free rice and fish for three months to all COVID –19 hospitals, it has deployed staff buses to ferry healthcare workers to hospitals dedicated to COVID–19 treatment in Lagos.

It said, “Frontline health workers will have a dedicated pick up and drop off services during the Federal Government’s directives on enhanced community quarantine.

“The buses will be attached to the COVID-19 dedicated hospitals for the next three months to ensure safer and comfortable transportation of the healthcare providers who are in the frontline in this fight against the virus.

“The free staff bus service along with a dedicated driver and fuelling is implemented in cooperation and close coordination with the Lagos State Government,” the statement said.

According to the Chairman of Stallion Group, Mr. Sunil Vaswani, “These are exceptionally difficult times and urgent emergency resources have to be deployed to cope with the needs of affected states and support their health care systems. At Stallion group, our top priority is the health and safety of our employees, customers and our community.”

He said, “As the country grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, kindness seems to be the only bright spot that many corporates have pledged in these dark times. We salute the heart-warming stories of altruism that are surfacing across the country every day, feeding us with hope and strength.”

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