Education, a Necessity When it Comes to Building a Trusted Brand

By Omowunmi Abayomi-Johnson

Omowunmi Abayomi-Johnson is the creative director of Eruiyawo Concepts. Eruiyawo has been in the business of event planning for a decade now and in its commemoration, recently, trained women in traditional wedding gift wrapping and presentation business. She tells Tosin Clegg about the event industry at large, her brand, trainings and a lot more

How would you rate the event industry in Nigeria?

The event industry is generally a multi-million dollar sector. The Eruiyawo space is only a fraction of it and I must say that the event industry is becoming saturated. Although, it’s a huge market that can still accommodate more, but what stands each person out is your brand’s services.

Tell us about your brand and what makes you exceptional?

Creative imagination is very important to succeed as a wedding gift wrapping expert. You must be evolving and innovative with the ability to think out of the box at all times. This is what differentiates from others, because the space is becoming saturated. You know that learning is continuous. Even after a decade in the event industry I cannot say I know it all. Learning never stops. You must be able to move with the trends in the industry otherwise you get edged out. The most important thing is that education is a necessity when it comes to building a trusted brand and having a structure in place as an entrepreneur.

Challenges and successes so far in the business

I would say sourcing materials can be a bit tasking but there’s always a way around it, as this has been exposed to the students. Also, my team and I just recently concluded a training programme. Who would have thought I could teach and impact so well? Those who know me well know that I like to stay in my shell. I really would say I have gained sisters as a result of the connection I had with my students. I held nothing back, I poured out my creative soul, taught them a lot of creative skills despite the limited time. One thing for me now is that I am holding on to see them through their respective creative journey. I look forward to it because it’s a continuous learning process for us all.

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