Chi Limited Launches Chivita Ice Tea in Cans


Chi Limited, one of Nigeria’s foremost Fruit Juice Company, has announced its introduction of Chi Exotic and Chivita Ice Tea in new hip, trendy and convenient cans.

The launch of the product, according to the firm, demonstrated its continuous quest for innovation that meets the dynamic needs of Nigerian consumers.

“Still with the same unique and great taste of Chi Exotic and rejuvenating power of Chivita Ice Tea, this is another first from Chivita, as it is the first time a mainstream juice brand is available in cans. The new Chi Exotic and Chivita Ice Tea 330ml cans exude confidence and style, and appeal to the youthful consumer segment by providing satisfaction and refreshment on the go in line with changing lifestyle trends.

“The Chivita cans are a perfect choice for on-the-go and in-home consumption, and will become a popular choice for upwardly mobile consumers who desire an aspirational, sleek and elegant image. The cans also enable increased availability of the Chivita Brand, which is the market leader in Nigeria’s fruit juice and still drinks category,” the company in a statement.

It stated that the introduction of the new Chivita 330ml cans was expected to disrupt the packaged fruit juice category.

“By expanding presence to more sales channels and outlets, this new launch will be a key lever for growth of the Chivita Brand in the coming years

“An innovative communication campaign tagged “Chivita New Cool Cans’’ which will employ emojis that expresses the unique Nigerian diversity from a cool, and trendy perspective will be deployed across various platforms like TV, Radio, Out of Home, Digital and Print to generate awareness among consumers,” it added.

According to the Managing Director of Chi Limited, Mr. Deepanjan Roy, the new Chi Exotic and Chivita Ice Tea 330ml cans was an innovative approach to address the trendy needs of upwardly mobile consumers.

“We decided to introduce Chi Exotic and Chivita Ice Tea 330ml Cans in order to appeal to a youthful segment of the population, whose lifestyle needs keep evolving. These innovative Cans for Chivita are modern, and reflect the individual style & personality of the consumer who desires to be seen carrying & drinking fruit juice from a can,” he explained.

Chi Exotic Pineapple Coconut & Chivita Ice Tea are available in 330ml Cans and at an affordable price of N150 only. They can be purchased in Chi Shoppes, supermarkets, departmental stores, markets, and neighborhood kiosks.