No Loud Noise for Seyi Tinubu’s Wife at 30

Seyi Tinubu

For folks who are watching out for any scintillating gist coming out of the house of the political godfather, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, new things are indeed in the offing. It turns out that the delectably enchanting wife of Tinubu’s son, Seyi Tinubu, very recently celebrated her third decade on earth and it was a hush-hush affair. So, hush.

Nothing satisfies a man like fresh water from a cold, cold glass and the soft hands of his smiling woman. This is exactly the portrait of a relationship that has always been demonstrated between the soft-spoken Seyi Tinubu and his neck-breaking beauty of a wife, Layal Jade Tinubu. Since their wedding in 2016 (at the Picturesque Villa Erba, Lake Como, Italy), Seyi has made it a point of duty to let the world know that he got the best out of it in the person of Layal, and her birthdays – as a result – are always especially enviable affairs.

This year, Seyi posted on social media that Layal has done more for him in the 15 years he has known her than he could do in a lifetime. He praised her for the inimitable role she had played in his self-growth, business career and his world in general. Using other endearing terms, that man undoubtedly set numerous men searching the deep for their own Layal – a lady of beauty and brains, might and means. And what she has done with her brains!

Lady Layal is the founder of the prestigious Tots Toys, a modern-day toyshop for children’s education, providing just the right amount of fun and learning to hold captive the errant attention of kids and delight them into learning and development. A homely woman on all accounts, Layal is also a co-founder of the Noella Foundation (which is a non-profit private organization that advocates and empowers the adoption and application of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable ideas and action plans in improving the Nigerian economy at a sustainable pace.

Seyi and Layal have a lovely daughter, Nuella, who is the delight of their little family and all who know her, and a little rascal still hiding in Layal. In fact, it might just be that it is the soon-to-be-born child that was responsible for the quiet 30th-year birthday celebration. Nothing less is expected of the grandchild of Jagaban Bola Tinubu, child of advert guru Seyi, and baby of a dynamic, sharp and far-seeing Layal.