How Africans Undeveloped Africa


By Araka Okolie-aboh

The African Cultural Heritage is one that has been in existence long before the coming of Europe, America and China and members of the ends of the world into Africa. Their coming to Africa was as a result of their search for natural human and materials resources for the betterment of Mankind and humanity in general notwithstanding your colour nor religious affiliation.

Africa had long played a good host in the distribution of both global Human Capital Resources and Materials Resources which in the words of Prof Claude Ake the “Primacy of material conditions” in his book titled “The Political Economy of Africa”
Also in the classical work of “Daron Acemoglu and James A Robinson titled Why Nations Fail”, they also postulated and to a large extent agreed with both the works of Walter Roddney title “How Europe Undeveloped Africa” which Europe had long apologized for the acts of Man in humanity to man melted on Africa and Africans.

Africa had always had a well-defined system of government and political administration, well-structured system of governance and public management just as it were in Europe and other parts of the world.

The African political economy was being based on wealth distribution via communalism and little of capitalism which is a system of individual ownership and control of what to produce, how to produce and for whom to produce, that is the control of Capital, means and factors of production.

The African political economy and system of administration is more likened to the mix economy as practiced everywhere in the world today. We at the African Centre for Empirical Dialectism, have empirical knowledge and empirical evidence to this fact or epistle. It is on record that Africa had long been the source of raw materials, that is converted to finish goods and services that had longed sustained this world for the past 500 years.

The building of Elimina Castle in Gold Cost now Ghana is a historical, archeological, architectural and empirical evidence to the fact that Africa hand long played a good host in the distribution of wealth, capital, human and material resources to the whole world.

From our empirical findings at the African Centre For Empirical Dialectism, Comrade Araka Okolie-aboh Odibo-Oha and other sound African Scholars like Prof MEU Tedheke, Professor of African Political Economy, Nigerian Defense Academy Kaduna, Dr. Emmanuel Okonmah of the Department of Public Administration, University Of Benin, Benin City Edo State Nigeria, Prof. Sadeeque Abubakar Abba, the Head of Department, Political Science, University Of Abuja, Committee Chairman, Federal House of Representatives Committee on FCT, Hon Ifeanyi Chudi Momah, Hon Suilieman Bakari, Silars Uzorgor Melete and among others, had long postulated the need for strategic use of negotiations, not violence in the liberation of Africa Political Economy and the redistribution of wealth, health, knowledge as a panacea for our development and better life for all Africans.

We are of the view that, with the new world order and the recent change in the means and factors of production, Africa will be free to enjoy their natural resources cum capital with the rest of the world. From our historical materialism and Dialectism, African Centre for Empirical Dialectism is convinced that Africa will rise again to enjoy the same better life and superlative life as being enjoyed in Europe and America and some parts of Africa.

We are very optimistic that Europe, America, China and the rest of the world would see reasons with us(African) as per why we should be upgraded to the superlative life of abundance of food, shelter, clothing, security, knowledge since we are all part of humanity, mankind and also maintain the ecosystem or the new world order which will be expressed and managed by Emotional Intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Well, this and many other epistles, dialectics, empirical studies had long been reflected in my dialectics titled “How Africans Underdeveloped Africa.” This work was part of my PhD thesis at the Department of Public Administration, University of Benin, Edo State and the Department of Political Science, University Of Abuja.

I had long handed over all of these Research works, Empirical Studies and Dialectism to the African Centre for Empirical Dialectism for further studies, constructive criticism and proper dialectics.

We at the African Centre for Empirical Dialectism, will continue to make our work open for the perusal of all mankind and humanity notwithstanding their colour nor religious affiliation.

This is our mission, our vision and purpose for existence. These and many other epistles you will continue to find in our New Media (The Social Media).

We would like to position Africa in line with all the Neoliberalism theories and postulation on some conditions, one of which is to help Africa and African enjoy and directly benefit the Superlative life as being enjoyed in Europe, America, China and all the parts of the world for we are also part of the chosen ones and humanity.

It is also articulate in the Primacy of material conditions by Prof Claude Ake, it is also captured in the Dialectics of Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James A Robinson, it is also deliberated in the Dialectics of Prof Yusufu Bala Usman, it welled deliberated in the works of Prof Sadeeque Abubakar Abba, the Theories of Imperialism and final it was well captured and articulated in the epistle and dialectics of Comrade Araka Okolieaboh (Odibo-Oha) titled “How African Underdeveloped Africa.

This article cum epistle was put together by my humble self, the African Digital Scholar of the Department of Public Administration, University Of Benin, Edo State and a PhD Research Fellow of the Department Political Science & International Relations, University Of Abuja, and also the Founding President of the African Centre for Empirical Dialectism.

We are the custodians of African Political Economy, African Cultural Heritage and Dialectism.
This is my personal empirical dialectics and Opinion and it is being made Public for the first time this day 26th March, 2020.
Covid19 is real, stay home and read, take out time to Study and do more research for the benefit of mankind and humanity notwithstanding their colour nor religious affiliation and Dialectism.

For more information about the African Centre for Empirical Dialectism, do not hesitate to contact us or reach us through any of our social media handles. We are the African Digital Scholars and Prophets, Custodians of African Political Economy, African Cultural Heritage and Dialectism. We are the Digital Scholars of Africa. We know the Thesis, the Antithesis and we have the synthesis which will for the new world order and a new thesis as postulated by Hegelian Dialectism, Karl Max’s Historical Materialism/Dialectism and Claude Ake’s Primacy of material conditions.

––Comrade Araka Okolieaboh, the President, African Centre for Empirical Dialectism, wrote in from Benin City, Edo State.