Fans Laud Ultimate Love Reality TV Show


In what seemed like an uncertain start on Sunday, 9 February, the debut season of the Ultimate Love reality TV show has undoubtedly earned a sweet spot in the hearts of viewers and garnered a large devoted fanbase across age groups and gender.

The show, however, took on a new dimension, as the organisers informed the viewers and the love guests that the Ultimate Love Reality TV show will come to an end on Sunday, 29 March due to the rising concerns of the spread of the Corona virus in the country.

This announcement of the show ending one week early came as a shock to the Love Guests when the show’s host, Oluwaseun Olaniyan came into the Love Pad for a double checkout session Wednesday night unknown to the Love Guests. This saw the pair of ObiEbi and PreshDavid exit the Ultimate Love Show.

This was completely unexpected by the Love Guests, as their fates will now be solely determined by viewers and fans who have been effusive in their admiration for the show, especially the concept.

Some others particularly applauded the show for being uncontroversial and in sync with Nigerian culture, given that it has been lavishly infused with elements of culture and tradition, in addition to helping the contestants interact and find love

Mrs. Ifeoluwa Folarin, a fan, believes that Ultimate Love has helped random individuals find love and develop intimate relationships that could last for years to come. Applauding the organisers for the show, she also stated that Aunty’s exit from the Love Pad should be a good omen for the Love Guests.

“I love the programme because it opened my eyes to the fact that love can happen at any time, any place and anywhere once given a chance. I’d like to also commend MultiChoice for giving a good platform for matured singles to find love. I think Aunty exiting the Love Pad is good because it will give the Love Guests the opportunity of being free of Aunty’s interference and develop on their own,” she said.

She predicted the Roksie, the duo of Rosie and Kachi, as the winners, adding: “I’m looking forward to another season.”

Another viewer, Mrs. Hope Adegoke, believes the show has set up a good platform for singles to find true love considering the increase in divorce rate in the country.

“I think the show is very interesting. So many couples and intending couples have learnt a lot from Aunty, most especially from the master classes held in the Love Pad. I believe MultiChoice has created a good platform here and I laud the team who have put together engaging and insightful content over the past few weeks. It has educated not just the love guests but also viewers who are married and intending. I will want another season of the reality show,” she said.

“The sudden end of the show is a good decision. We all need to play a role in order to flatten the curve with COVID-19. The love guests should go home and stay safe with their families” she added.

On the likely winner, she said: “My favorite couple is PreshDavid, even with their exit because I see their love is real. However, the winning couple might be Iykeresa.”

However, another fan, who identified herself simply as Temitope, said her highlight of the show so far, saying: “I always look forward to the Friday party and Sunday night check out show. I feel the show is a platform for singles to find love and hopefully lead to marriage. I will want another season, but they should screen the love guest properly in the coming season and ensure everyone is genuine with their relationship status.” The winning couple, according to Temitope, will be Iykeresa (Iyke and Theresa), saying: “they are young and focused. So far, they are the strongest to me.”

Mr. Bunmi Ogunyale, a journalist, also gave his review, saying: “I have followed the show from the onset, and I must say that it has been very entertaining, and drama-filled, from the masterclasses to the one-on-one sessions with Aunty.

However, I’m certain there are improvements in terms of selection that can be made in the next season which I’m looking forward to.”

Although he noted that it is very difficult to predict the winner, he said Roksie remains his favourite couple.

Fans of the show have also taken to social media to have their say and make forecasts about the maiden winning couple of the show.

On Twitter, @Ifeatu9 said: “My deepest gratitude to aunty for not giving up on Roksie. She kept telling Rosie to look beyond what she’s seeing and work with Kachi…Aunty I can’t thank you enough. Something beautiful just came out of this pair. I love what I’m seeing.”

Also, Twitter user @supermanMike3 has already set a potential marriage for Roksie rolling.

“I’m happy for these two! They really make love look achievable! I pray they sail through life’s storm even after the show,” the tweet read

On Sunday, fans will find out which of the love guests will emerge as the ultimate couple, receiving the grand prize of N5 million, a paid for traditional wedding worth 10 million naira and a house which is subject to terms and conditions, only by staying tuned to DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29.