Oba of Benin Suspends Chief from Osokpikan Society


The Bénin Monarch Oba Ewuare II has suspended a top palace chief, Utete Omo Osagie, the Obadolagbonyi of Benin from palace activities and the Osokpikan society over alleged misconduct.

Chief Omo-Osagie was accused of leading some members of Osokpikan society to place a curse on someone’s premises without the permission of the Oba.

Speaking on behalf of the Benin monarch, Chief Osaro Idah, said Chief Omo-Osagie action was without the blessing of the palace.

Chief Idah said the suspended Chief acted on his own volition and not in the interest of the palace.

He explained that the Osokpikan society is the property of the palace and permission ought to have been sought before embarking to laying a curse on another man’s premises.

Idah said Chief Osagie over stepped his bounds and has therefore be suspended from the palace.

His words, “On Saturday last week, a certain group known as Osokpikan, owned by the palace, was led by a Chief to a certain premises in Benin, to place a curse on an event, which he has no right to do.

“That group Osokpikan belongs to this palace and the only authority to such action is His Royal Majesty, the Oba of Benin.

“In this instance, neither did they seek the permission of the palace or take permission from the palace before going to perform such act”, the Benin monarch said.

“Subsequently, His Majesty, the Oba of Benin, has hereby disassociated himself and the palace from that event and the chief who led them, chief Utete Omo Osagie, the Obadolagbonyi of Benin has been suspended from palace activities till further notice.

“For such thing to happen in Benin, they have to seek the permission of the Oba of Benin otherwise, it is non avail.

“Omo Osagie is also hereby suspended from Osokpikan society,” he said.