Monday letter2

Even an unabashedly pro-Arewa newspaper, the Saturday Trust, in one of its cartoon segments of 23rd November 2019, did a political satire of the legislature by aptly conveying the idea of a “rubber stamp” with regard to the submissiveness with which Nigeria’s National Assembly is passing the social media restriction and the ill-defined hate bills.

Recall that it was cynics and critics who used the epithet “rubber stamp” to describe the submissiveness with which the Ninth Assembly will grant the executive, the arm that it is supposed to checkmate excesses, corruption, and abuse of power whenever the executive desires to curtail the freedom of Nigerians and make laws to entrench the interests of the ruling class.

What I hate in all this was the efforts the Ninth Assembly head honchos put into denying that the legislature would be free and independent of interference from the executive. It just does not make sense to deny the obvious, does it? Too bad if it does to some people because even their apologists will disdain their morals.

 Sunday Adole Jonah,

Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State