Bakare, Take a Stand, Please!

Tunde Bakare

Founder of the Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, last week, sent some jabs to a quarter many believed was familiar. He called some of those aspiring to the presidency in 2023 ‘presidential hope-fools’. Then, he went on to disparage some ‘nameless persons’ he claimed lived on a popular street in Lagos, Bourdilon, saying they would vomit whatever they stole before leaving. Leaving for where? He didn’t say.

Yes, a fiery pastor, who speaks fluently without fear or favour, Pastor Tunde Bakare’s political ambition already conflicts his position on other issues of national concern and so, seizing the opportunity of the pulpit to pummel his supposed political opponents is not only a desecration of the pulpit but an abuse of his position as a man of God.
Like the Yoruba would say, “If he wants to be Oshoko, let it be so and if he chooses to be Oshaka, it is also welcome. What is not acceptable is to want to be Oshakashoko at the same time”.

Talking is his turf and he does it so well, but he is definitely abusing his anointing under the pretext of lashing out at the enemies of Nigeria, whereas they are people seem to pose threat to his political ambition. He is slowly but gradually going out of line, just because he appointed himself the next in line as Nigeria’s 16th president? God is indeed patient!

Well, it is okay to choose one. But it is not allowed to stand astride and throw missiles on the political turf, while enjoying the covering of the church solely for political machinations. Mba, even God is unhappy with such religious mischiefs.