Stransact Nigeria Joins International Accounting Group


Segun James

Stransact Partners and Stransact Audit (Stransact), an auditing and tax services firms, were recently admitted as members of The International Accounting Group (TIAG), an international alliance of independent accounting firms.

Stransact would be the exclusive member of TIAG for Nigeria.
According to a statement by Mr. Dele Aberuagba, a financial and management consultant, Stransact’s membership in TIAG, and the broader TAG Alliances would enhance its international capabilities and services by providing the firm with strategic connections to high-quality accounting firms, law firms and other professional services firms in more than 100 countries.
The accreditation came on the heels of, TIAG members having been invited to join TIAG only after undergoing a comprehensive vetting and selection process.

“Firms were carefully chosen based on professional competence, commitment to client service, reputation within the business community, and recommendations from existing members, and are ultimately reviewed and approved by the TIAG Advisory Board,” the statement added.

Partners of Stransact, Mr. Abayomi Salawu and Mr. Eben Joels, stated that they were delighted about the firm’s membership of the alliance and would continue to work with clients to ensure that they will be the biggest beneficiaries of the association with TIAG and TAG Alliances.
According to the duo, “TIAG will provide us with additional international support to help us better serve the cross-border needs of our clients.”
According to Mr. Richard Attisha, president and chief executive officer of TIAG & TAG Alliances, “Stransact is an excellent firm, and we are pleased to have them as members of TIAG & TAG Alliances. The breadth and quality of their services, as well as their reputation and prominence in their market, makes them an attractive resource for our members and their clients.”
Stransact operates as two integrated firms, Stransact Audit and Stransact Partners providing audit, review, other assurance, and related services such as financial reporting and bookkeeping services.