Delta Contributes to Eliminate Extreme Poverty by 2030


Delat Air Line has announced that it is making contribution to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030 in collaboration in partnership with Global Citizen.

The airline said the multi-million-dollar contribution would help power the movement to bridge the funding gap in the 59 poorest countries to reach the 2030 United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

“Delta’s partnership with Global Citizen illustrates the airline’s commitment to connecting the world while making it better through environmental stewardship, diversity and inclusion, and community development,” the airline said.

It noted that the Delta Air Lines Foundation has made a generous multi-million-dollar commitment to international advocacy organization Global Citizen’s Global Goal Live, a year-long campaign to mobilise resources to end extreme poverty, address climate change and reduce inequality by 2030 as outlined by the 2015 United Nations Global Goals.

“Our commitment to the Global Citizen movement is born out of our determination to make the world better and more connected,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian.
“We’re looking forward to the opportunity to be part of this remarkable effort to end extreme poverty and improve the world around us.”

Bastian will co-chair Global Citizen’s private sector CEO Coalition, which also includes CEOs Chuck Robbins of Cisco, Hans Vestberg of Verizon, Alex Gorsky of Johnson and Johnson and Chief Marketing Officer Marc Prichard of P&G.

In addition to The Delta Air Lines Foundation’s contribution, Delta announced its partnership on Wednesday at a press conference in New York City with representation from the worlds of entertainment, private sector, policy and philanthropy to mobilise the next generation of concerned global citizens and demand the attention of and secure commitments from world leaders, policymakers, NGOs and socially conscious corporations.