Atiku Abubakar

That is how we say it in Shomolu. Leave am, you don try. You see the thing is not a matter of life and death. Me sef I don tire. The kind of things we have heard from the tribunal showed that there was not enough seriousness from your side in contesting the presidential election. Some of the things we have heard, even a local government chairman contesting his election result will not do and to rub salt into the wound, some of your lawyers were shown sleeping during the reading of the verdict. I am not sure they were your lawyers sha but since you lost the battle, let me just say na your own abeg.

Me no blame them, that judgment was BORING. Kai, the man was just talking almost the whole day, his mouth did not even tire him. Na wa. Anyways, you have not only lost the case, you have lost the momentum and it has reached the point where some of us your key supporters have gone home to sleep.

Please don’t waste your time go Supreme Court, I can assure you it will be an exercise in futility. Let us allow Buhari concentrate and see what he can do this remaining four years. This second term is looking sharper. Ministers inaugurated and defanged immediately, a new Economic Advisory Council, vibrancy in the monetary and fiscal regime, seeming continuity in government policy. Let’s even just see how far this would last. So my brother, we have tried; it’s time to go to bed. Thank you and God bless you, please let’s move on. This one is lost.