Emmy Kasbit A/W 19 – Memories Part 2


Memories (2) is a collection inspired by names and references from the igbo culture.

In Igboland, the four market days which make up the native week are namely Eke, Orie, Afor, Nkwo. These market days also serve as a form of identification. The traditional names of most igbo people are derived from which market day on which they were born.

According to the designer (Emmanuel), The collection is a modern interpretation of an ancient culture and it furthermore speaks about culture and it’s preservation which is at the forefront of the Emmy Kasbit brand.

Details in the collection include our Signature Akwete Textile, mixed with Damask, and muted colors like brown and black.
A lot of Shapes were inspired by market women and men’s clothing, with the market names as motif on the textile.

Bags : In collaboration with @ShopEkete