Survival at Stake: Innovate or Die 


Ever wondered why High-performing organisations are more agile and are particularly adept at turning challenges into opportunities? It is because they spend much more time developing leaders, who develop people, processes and systems and achieve outstanding results.

Today’s visionary and successful organisation is increasingly powered by sophisticated technology where artificial intelligence is embedded in the value chain that generates wealth. How can organisations perform better in an age of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, algorithms, big and deep data and with the potential for Africa to be a single market now that the Africa free trade agreement has been signed into law in Nigeria?

Also, organisations operating in Nigeria are consistently facing challenges of survival due to the present challenging socio-economic landscape characterised by stiff competition, high insecurity and an extremely volatile context. Thus, there is an urgent need for leaders to innovate and drive a new kind of flexibility that is not covered by conventional organisational wisdom.

It is based on this volatile and challenging milieu in Nigeria that the Board and Management of Texem UK invites you and your organisation to an executive management program with Professor Rodria Laline. Professor Rodria Laline is a visiting Professor at Harvard, Insead and IESE and Chair of Intrabond Capital. She developed intellectual property used on chips on all ATM cards globally.

She has worked with global research and development collaborations with IBM, ING, Hewlett-Packard, Digital Equipment Corporation, Honeywell Bull, Elsevier Science, Oracle Corporation, Siemens and Philips as CEO.

Applying TEXEM’s tested and proven methodology, Prof. Laline will challenge Leaders and share practical insights on how to lead their way through a digital transformation.

Upon completion, delegates will learn valuable strategic insights on how to drive innovation and develop requisite tools required to create, deliver and capture value.

The training is designed to develop leaders’ capacity to be more aware of their team and organisational weakness, identify and develop the potential opportunities in these challenges and to become a source of survival, competitive advantage and profitable growth.

Executives would learn how to aply creative thinking techniques to overcome challenges; implement innovative problem-solving models to drive profitable innovation; effectively diagnose problems and turn challenges to business opportunities; develop and implement successful strategies that bring opportunities from organisational limitations and lign leadership and strategy for better governance.

Themes to be covered include analysing organisational position in the industry; strategies for effective governance; building organisational resilience when the economic climate is unfavourable; harnessing competition as a source of continued innovation and leadership in crisis: avoid lasting damage to an organisation’s reputation.

The date for the programme is 28th August 2019 to 29th August 2019 and the venue is Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria


The Head of Service Lagos state Akeem Muriokunola said the program is worth it since it is very insightful on leadership and Executive management. “It has taught me to understand that to be an effective leader, and one has to be an effective follower,” He explains by saying that it is because a leader needs to surround himself with better people who make him better. ‘You are a combination of the people you spend your life with most.

Kolade Aiyelabola, Associate Director at Oak Pensions, said he wasn’t surprised the pedigree and results TEXEM gave him. He emphasised that the most beautiful thing about TEXEM is that they adapt Training courses to take into Cognisance Environment where they operate”.

“The programme is an excellent one, it’s a world-class Institute,” said Glory Idehen the Director E-training at CBN. He continued to say that considering the quality of materials and classic facilitators, the program could put anywhere in the world and still hold exceptional standards.