Humbling of a Garrulous Politician: Ayo Fayose’s Bitter Reality

Ayodele Fayose o
Ayodele Fayose

A cursory flip through the yellow pages of history quickly reveals that in every conflict, the bravest men and the wisest were hardly the same people. While the bravest pressed on with only conquest or death on their minds, the wisest made sure to leave a path of retreat in case of the unexpected. They knew that oft-overlooked fact that a burned bridge is no use and therefore strove to cultivate at least mutual respect with their foes.

Former governor of Ekiti State Ayo Fayose might be brave enough to stand, sometimes alone, against the perceived tyranny of the current government. But wisdom is an attribute none of his peers on the other side of the political divide are ready to bestow on him. Despite entreaties from concerned associates for him to temper his criticisms with an understanding of prevailing circumstances, Fayose refused. He became a self-appointed town crier whose voice reached several decibels higher than the bereaved.

Even as the Ekiti election approached, those who read the handwriting on the wall warned that the ruling government was going to deploy all apparatus of state to oust him at all costs, Fayose remained in a state of dreamy optimism, boasting of his prowess and ability to single-handedly triumph over the forces arrayed against him. The rest, they say, is history. The garrulous governor was reduced to stunned silence as federal manoeuvres helped Kayode Fayemi to the Ekiti Government House.

Even then, Fayose wouldn’t stop his one man crusade against the centre. And when the centre responded in kind the minute his term of office expired, he suddenly found himself in troubled waters. He was arrested and later released by the EFCC in connection with the Sambo Dasuki loot running into billions of Naira. The legal noose tightened over him, Fayose began to gasp to life. His attempts to cast himself as a martyr for the public cause gained no traction either. He was left to face the music on his own.

The cruel reality finally dawned on Fayose. In recent months, he has largely kept mum even as the EFCC redoubles their efforts to bring him to justice for his alleged crimes. The state chapter of the PDP whom he thought would have his back was quick to jump off the sinking ship, replacing him with Biodun Olujimi as state leader of the party. Even his close associates who enjoyed with him ditched him in droves as some joined forces with his nemesis Fayemi

He is left utterly alone. Perhaps his forthcoming sojourn in South Africa for medical purposes will afford him a chance to reflect on the moves that brought him to this point.