Liverpool’s ‘Journey by Road Fan’ Returns Home


Liverpool FC may have conquered Europe in grand style but one of its die-hard fan, Simon Wilson, who made the journey by road to Madrid for the epic match returned his Anfield home yesterday after driving 1,290 miles to watch his side beat Tottenham in the Champions League final in Madrid.

The YouTuber opted to make the journey in a £40 Skoda Favorit GLXi with three friends after flights to Spain reached up to £800.

Wilson arrived in time to watch Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi score in both halves to seal a sixth European Cup, but admitted there were several difficulties along the way.

Wilson told the Liverpool Echo: ‘I’ll be honest, the whole way down to Madrid, I was skeptical that we’d make it.

‘I mean we’d just gotten to Dover for the ferry and a pipe blew off of the engine.’

Despite being a lifelong fan, WIlson admitted he baulked at the prices demanded for flights to Madrid in the build-up to the showpiece final.

He said: ‘I love Liverpool FC, I’ve been to all the matches, but there was no way I was gonna pay out £800 for a flight that I could get for £40 next week.

‘Yeah, it was a little bit of a long car ride back but I think it only cost us around £200 on petrol each way, so we’ve got four people to the final for half the price of one person flying over.’

On whether he would do the journey again, Wilson said: ‘One hundred percent, I’d recommend people give it a try.’

‘If we make it to Istanbul next year, there’ll be something big coming.’

Wilson also revealed he would be keeping the car despite it suffering numerous problems along the way.

He added: ‘Oh, I’m keeping the car. It’s gonna be the daily runner I reckon. I’ll get it done up first though!’