NECA Joins Global Debate on Management of e-Waste


Peter Uzoho

The Nigeria Employee Consultative Association (NECA), has joined the Global Dialogue Forum on Decent Work in the management of electrical and electronic waste (e-waste), which took place in Geneva recently, as part of ILO Centenary celebrations.

According to NECA, Nigeria’s representative at the forum, the discussion focused on current and emerging issues as well as opportunities relating to the promotion of decent work in the management of e-waste.

Nigeria’s NECA delegate and Chief Human Resources Officer, Ikeja Electric, Ibiene Okeleke, explained that the forum was an eye opener to the environmental impact of e-waste.

“While there are clear and present dangers from e-waste, there are also huge opportunities. It, therefore, requires the right framework, legislation and drive to ensure that proper sustainable action is carried out as far as e-waste management is concerned,” she explained.

The forum also aims to adopt points of consensus, including recommendations for future action by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and its members, over rising concerns of environmental impact of e-waste, in view of global interest in building a more sustainable and circular economy.

Other talking points deliberated on at the forum include opportunities for employment in the e-waste management space, challenges of framework and guiding legislation in the space, with special case study focus on Nigeria, considered a major dumping ground for e-waste, as well as investment opportunities in the sector.

The intensive sessions comprised five employer group meetings and five tripartite plenary sessions. The employers group was made up of eight members from the following countries Portugal, Columbia, Mexico, Romania, Iran, Japan, Belgium and Nigeria. The Workers (Labour) group also had representation from seven countries.

Nigeria Employers’ Consul-tative Association (NECA) is the umbrella organisation of employers in the Organised Private Sector of Nigeria, formed in 1957 to provide the forum for the government to consult with private sector employers on socio-economic and labour policy issues.

NECA provides a platform for private sector employers to interact with the government, labour, communities and other relevant institutions in and outside Nigeria for the purpose of promoting harmonious business environment that will engender productivity and prosperity for the benefit of all.