Oil Chief Canvasses Investment in Employee Development


The Managing Director of Moahz Oil and Gas Limited, Abdulqadir Ojo has said deliberate investment in the personal development of employees deserves attention, saying it will lead to organisational growth.

Ojo made the remarks at a session on the imperative of employee development, noting that employees hired by the organization also deserved and should be given the opportunities to explore.

He emphasised the need “to take the internal promotion of employees very seriously as much as we pay heavily on external promotions. As an employer at Moahz Oil and Gas, I take it upon myself to give room for the personal development of our employees.

“Allow them to explore opportunities. Don’t restrict, though you try to focus on your area of speciality. This philosophy is informed by our determination to recruit and reward a high-quality workforce in a competitive economy by creating an environment that supports professionalism, integrity and innovation.”

He explained that employees could only give and operate within the limit of their knowledge, adding that it would serve as a determinant and pedestal on which their assessment would be based.

According to him, it is simple employees can only give what they have. Their input would determine the overall performance and sustainable growth of the firm. We need to be ready to invest in valuable employees.

He noted that the employees “are within the organisation. Instead of having the feeling of being stuck or being drained intellectually as regards innovative ideas, I will rather accept such responsibilities happily and bring out their utmost potential for the overall growth of the company.

“Since they understand better how the organisation runs. I often tell my employees, if there is any training you think would develop you personally, do not hesitate to inform me, I’ll support you, as this would benefit the organisation as a whole.

“For employees in an organization to deliver world-class value services to clients and other stakeholders, regular but targeted training becomes imperative. It will rub off on the overall rating and impression people had about the organization.

“For you to deliver world-class services to clients and stakeholders, your staff must be engaged in regularly targeted training programmes which are imperative in keeping abreast of trends in the oil and gas sector which is our focus.

“This is an investment of optimum benefit in our workers to increase their skills and professional development which shows that they are valued. Beyond the series of certificates, you present to me. I am always ready to reward loyalty and dedication to employees. This we were able to achieve through creating a flexible and inclusive work culture in our organisation.

“We did not create a rigid culture that makes our employees not to feel at home. One of your valuable assets as an employer of labour is your employees. Their wellbeing and knowledge of the job would, in turn, attract the right customers, and continually build a good customer relationship with your client.”

He urged employers of labour “to look into the history of their employees without making their jobs a mere role assigning approach. Instead of just assigning roles, employers should critically look into the history of employees.

“Identify their strength and their weaknesses. Then, try to focus on their strength and put them in roles that best fit their strength. This act if harnessed properly would produce exceptional and loyal employees.

“Who wants to see your organisation grow relentlessly? Instead of running away from challenges, they are ready to think outside the box to see to the organisations sustainable growth,” he said