Edo PDP suffering from Horrific Hallucinations


…market women smarter than Nehikhare, cannot be swayed by his lies

By Crusoe Osagie

It takes someone suffering from horrific hallucination to imagine that the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration that has prioritised the wellbeing of our industrious market women and other business owners, through several reforms of trade practices in the state, would hurt their interest.

It is still lost on PDP that they lost the war in the presidential and national assembly elections held on Saturday February 23.

They have depended on lies for decades as a strategy for accessing power and swindling people’s mandates, but Edo people and Nigerians now know them for what they truly are, mandate swindlers!

Just like the several lies and falsehoods which Chris Nehikhare is notorious for propagating, the allegation of threat to market women is completely false, and the creation of Edo PDP.

Nehikhare must think very little of our illustrious women, mothers and sisters, who toil night and day to keep food on the table of most families in our state.

Some of these women may not have obtained degrees from universities within or outside Nigeria but, clearly, they are more intelligent than Nehikhare.

For example, they know who has cared for them the most; sanitising revenue collection in the markets, rebuilding markets raised by fire incident, and appointing a market woman as a member of the board of the State Universal Basic Education Board, to represent the interest of our market women and mothers on the SUBEB board.

Nehikhare should try another lie, as this one has failed woefully like the others before it.

We have not forgotten when Chris and his benefactors held our market women hostage with inhuman treatments and outrageous levies, yet our mothers and sisters in the markets, managed to make ends meet.

Unlike Nehikhare who goes cap in hand begging for handouts from governors of PDP-controlled states, with his chairman, Dan Orbih, these women have earned the dignity that comes from honest labour and MUST NOT be dragged into Nehikhare’s hallucinations.

Crusoe Osagie is the Special Adviser to Governor Godwin Obaseki on Media and Communication Strategy