Following ‘Unfounded’ Copyright Claims, ‘One’ By Tiwa Savage Returns To Youtube

Following ‘Unfounded’ Copyright Claims, ‘One’ By Tiwa Savage Returns To Youtube

Back in November 2018, the music video for the hit song ‘One’ performed by award-winning singer songwriter Tiwa  Savage was removed by social media platform YouTube following the filing of a copyright claim from a third party, Danny Young YouTube finds such claims to be ‘unfounded’ and have restored the video back online. ‘One’ is produced by Killertunez and co-written by Wale Turner and Tiwa Savage. It is available on all music streaming platforms.

Ajibola Olumuyiwa Danladi, Danny Young perceived taking this up was in any way was going to trample the drive of Tiwa but unfortunately he seems not to have had any hold. 

Honestly having a similar line wasn’t a good base for a copyright infringement and it looks like the once popular act was barely looking for a shot at fame once more.

 There would have been better ways to have handled this rather than hitting out, making mockery with a follow up post on this subject where Tiwa’s song was played in the background and more. 

With the air cleared Tiwa has an upper edge and rectification has been made to the state of things and the bid to take cheap publicity as a way to pave the way back in has failed.

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